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Choose the best seniors residence for you and your loved one according to their situation

Having a place to live that is fully adapted to their physical and cognitive condition is essential for you or your loved ones. There are many types of seniors residences and it can be difficult to make a choice, especially when it comes to your loved one’s place of living. Seniors Choice Montreal’s free service is there to support you throughout this transition process. They can assess you and your loved one’s needs and suggest quality residential choices so that you can live safely and comfortably while maintaining your desired lifestyle.

How can Seniors Choice Montreal’s service help you?

Seniors Choice Montreal’s free service provides you with:

  • An evaluation of your loved one’s care needs and lifestyle preferences.
  • An expert to accompany you during the visits who will also guide you in the questions to ask and how to make the best choice based on their knowledge of the residences in the region.
  • Assistance in administrative and governmental procedures including the tax credit subsidy.
  • Access to exclusive offers and prices through partnerships with residences

Useful for

  • Seniors with reduced mobility, interested in gaining back their autonomy
  • Autonomous seniors interested in exploring residence options
  • Seniors of all abilities (Autonomous, Assisted Living, Nursing/Alzheimer Care) who don’t know where to begin when choosing a residence

About Seniors Choice Montreal
Seniors Choice Montreal’s founder, Steve Besner, is an expert in seniors residences, with in-depth knowledge of the residences and close connections with the seniors community. He offers a quality service with his extensive experience and knowledge in the field.

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User Reviews

User Reviews
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