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Get a personalized service when you are looking for a home for your loved one

Accès Résidences is a completely free service to help older adults and their families look for a seniors' residence. Accès Résidences aims to fulfill all the wishes an older adult may have during this transition. Their staff will accompany and support you throughout the entire process to choose the perfect home.

How does Accès Résidences help you

  • Accès Résidences has an expertise in residences offering specialized services to people with cognitive impairments.
  • The team of counsellors knows the residences of specific locations inside out, from the small residences of a few units to the large groups of over a hundred residents. They will match you with the best option according to your loved one's needs.
  • The services offered by Accès Résidences are free.

Useful for

  • For an urgent placement following a hospitalization
  • When your loved one's needs change with the progression of cognitive loss
  • When it is harder for your loved one to remain independent with their ADLs and IADLs

About Accès Résidences
Accès Résidences consists of a team of counsellors who work alongside healthcare professionals and are part of the Quebec Association of Consultants for Services to Seniors.

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Contact Accès Résidences by phone or visit the website. Use the form below to send them your questions or comments.

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User Reviews
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