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A home safety assessment, conducted by an occupational therapist, is designed to assist an individual and/or their family to maintain a safe home environment.

The Home Safety Proofing assessment involves an interview of the individual and an evaluation of their home to identify and eliminate potential hazards. Home improvement recommendations (ex. bathroom equipment, transfer techniques, lighting) are geared to make the living environment safer. Changes made may reduce the risk of injury and promote independent living in your own home, for as long as possible.

AIn addition to a home safety assessment to limit fall risks, a family can make simple changes around the home to create a higher degree of safety for the person who suffers from dementia.

AUTONOMIE - COMMUNAUTAIRE - THÉRAPIE, ACT focuses on guiding an individual to maintain a healthy style of autonomy while doing the activities they need or love to do..

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User Reviews
Eugeria's Take

When we met with Susan Sofer from ACT, we were impressed with her extensive experience as an occupational therapist with older adults. She uses a very empathetic and professional approach to assess home safety.


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