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AvantÂge has the mission to make the most recent research conducted by health professionals and some 50 researchers from the Institute of Geriatrics of the University of Montreal (IUGM) available to the general public.

This mission is achieved in several ways:

  • By hosting conferences that cover many topics related to global health. Presented with clarity by researchers and health professionals, these conferences are held at the Institute of Geriatrics of the University of Montreal. Upon request, conferences can also be offered within the Montreal region. Invite a guest speaker for the date and time that works for your organization and benefit from learning about the latest research studies. Several conferences are also available on our YouTube channel.
  • A varied workshop and training program facilitates the improvement of global health awareness and the empowerment of participants through education.
  • Knowledge sharing though our collection of publications, distributed in bookstores and pharmacies throughout Quebec.

YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1elCRg2TGkmBf697H0rPiT2GyQwPyf28

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User Reviews
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