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Home respite allows caregivers to take a break and complete other activities of daily living. Services include respite at home as well as stimulation and socialization of the older adult. Respite services are normally offered in blocks of 3 hours or more.

When clients are referred by a CIUSSS, they will not need an assessment as it should be produced prior to referral. In other cases, requests for services received will be subject to a home assessment completed by the Personal Support Services Coordinator. The evaluation is produced at no cost and without any obligation on the client’s part. It will also be possible to terminate any agreement according to the evolution of your situation.

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User Reviews
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Services CDB à domicile offre de bonnes options de répit. Que ce soit pour un bref moment de surveillance ou pour des moments de stimulation de votre proche, leur équipe dynamique peut vous offrir des services très utiles


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