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Give your loved one balanced, tasty, and economical meals at home.

Good nutrition is essential to maintaining physical and psychological health. Preparing balanced meals for seniors with ou without cognitive loss can be a challenge. The meals prepared by CREALUNCH can help. Receive varied meals delivered directly home to facilitate meal planning and preparation. With nutritious meals, reduce anxiety for you and your loved one.

How does CREALUNCH help you?

  • CREALUNCH saves you time. The focus is on meals that are nutritious that only need to be microwaved for 5 to 7 minutes. They offer soups, complete meals, and desserts. It's fast and safe.
  • The meals are deep frozen rather than frozen, which better preserves the freshness of the food, the texture, and the taste.
  • There are no taxes since it's deep frozen foods. Prices range from 7.95$ to 9.20$ per dish.
  • The selection of meals changes every week with the guarantee of being always 100% homemade, varied, and gourmet.
  • CREALUNCH containers are microwaveable, convenient, recyclable, and reusable. You can also wash them and give them back on your next delivery to be reused.

You can place the order online for you or your loved one. A refrigerated truck delivery service (free starting at $ 75) or pick-up at the counter are the two options to receive your meals.

Useful for

  • People, with or without Alzheimer's or cognitive loss, who have difficulty preparing meals, but who can heat them up in the microwave
  • Allow a regular diet, nutritious, and balanced
  • Economical option for better eating, loyalty program with free lunches

CREALUNCH is a Montreal company created in 2016. The two co-founders of French origin have the mission to offer quality homemade meals to Montrealers. CREALUNCH is an eco-responsible company.

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User Reviews

User Reviews
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We tasted the dishes of Crealunch and particularly liked the freshness of the flavors and the variety of dishes available. A nice alternative for people who like to taste new things and world cuisine!


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