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Le temps d’une pause has supported people with neurodegenerative disease and their families’ daily lives for 15 years.

Despite a partnership with the Ministère de la santé et des services sociaux, the organization remains independent and non-profit, and the day time activity center evolves each year to better adapt and fulfill the needs. Le Temps d'une pause is also a team of professionals specialized in Alzheimer’s disease (and related disorders). Our knowledge of its symptoms, evolution and impact is a strength that we ever seek to improve in order to better serve the community.

In addition to the daytime activities, Le Temps d’une pause offers different forms of free help to caregivers in order to prevent exhaustion and facilitate home support.

  • Open-door conferences that cover subjects related to all stages of the illness and caregiving.
  • Small group workshops to allow practical guidance.
  • Individual psychosocial support, at home or at work.
  • Practical support with a specialized behavior counselor in order to find solutions adapted to the symptom’s evolution in a familial environment

For more information, you can contact Le Temps d’une pause by email (admissions@tempsdunepause.org), by phone at 514 722-3000 poste 3036, or on their website  https://www.tempsdunepause.org/.

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User Reviews

User Reviews
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Le Temps d'une Pause's diversified support program meets the many needs of caregivers. They include conferences and smaller workshops among other formats; each topic are relevant to caregivers of a loved one with cognitive impairment.


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