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Easily identify your loved one’s medical needs

It can be stressful for a caregiver to have a loved one who is at risk of getting lost. For loved ones with Alzheimer’s or cognitive impairment this can often be the case. MedicAlert’s service allows you to identify your loved one at any time with the information on their wearable item. You can choose the item according to your loved one’s tastes and needs. It can be a bracelet, a necklace, or a watch.

How can MedicAlert’s service helps you?

  • The MedicAlert identification service allows your loved one to be taken care of safely as quickly as possible. The service includes a 24h service line:
    • To notify you of your loved one’s location
    • For healthcare professionals who wants to access your loved one’s medical profile
  • MedicAlert ensures that the information provided is recorded in medical terms to allow better care for your loved one in case of an emergency.
  • The MedicAlert service to ensure the safety of your loved one is affordable. You can choose a monthly subscription or a 1-year, 2-year, or 3-year subscription (Contact MedicAlert for more information about the different options).

Useful for

  • People with memory loss
  • People with a particular health condition
  • Reassure you about your loved one’s condition if they get lost since critical information about them is accessible

About MedicAlert
MedicAlert is a non-profit organization founded in 1961 to help identify the medical needs of people with a particular condition on a bracelet.

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User Reviews

User Reviews
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