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NeuroMotrix builds specialized fitness programs for people of all physical condition. After a specific assessment of your physical condition, a customized plan is provided based on your health, you needs and your goals. Follow ups can be done at your pace, depending on your needs.

The kinesiologist’s mandate is to build a training program including exercises to help you better accomplish movements of every day life. This will help maintain or improve your level of mobility and autonomy. The exercises offered are adapted to your health condition and preferences with the goal of improving your well-being.

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User Reviews

User Reviews
Eugeria's Take

The NeuroMotrix team is really attentive to the needs of their customers and offers an excellent ratio of adapted exercices and efficient physical activities. The members of the NeuroMotrix team have a good understanding of the scientific advances in the kinesiology domain (especially the ones associated to the Parkinson disease), which allows them to put into action the best practices.


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