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The following services are offered to seniors:

  • Program tailored by a Kinesiologist or physiotherapist to achieve the client's goals. Perhaps as a result of an injury or surgery or to maintain and improve your ability to perform your activities.
    • After surgery: knees, hips or others.
    • After a period of prolonged convalescence or a prolonged period of immobility.
    • After a fall to improve balance and proprioception.
  • Following an evaluation by a physiotherapist, a program in the clinic or at home is developed to improve the balance and the risk of falls. This program, lasting 6-8 weeks, reduces the risk of falling. The client will be required to perform, on a regular basis, a simple series of movements or activities that improved the balance.

Physio Extra is a network of health clinics with personalized or interdisciplinary single-discipline rehabilitation services that combine physiotherapy, occupational therapy, kinesiology, osteopathy, acupuncture and massage therapy.

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User Reviews

User Reviews
Eugeria's Take

Physio Extra's dedication to "staying at home" was obvious during our meeting. Their interdisciplinary team focuses on prevention by including exercises to maintain physical shape as well as home adaptations to optimize quality of life as we age.


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Eugeria's reply:

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