Walker Squawker Bird

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Introducing the perfect new companion for walkers: the Walker Squawker bird.

Designed to bring joy, fun and companionship to seniors and their families. Perched playfully on walking aids, these birds aim to bring joy to every step!

  • As a companion: CHIRPBACK technology imitates the sounds of a real bird. Built-in sensors allow the bird to detect light, sound, touch and movement - making it a truly interactive companion!
  • As an accessory for walkers: When perched on top of a walking device, the Walker Squawker detects movement and sings happily as it "unlocks" six songs. When the Walker Squawker detects that the walker has stopped, it will play a "don't forget me" song to remind its owner of its presence.
Characteristics Details

Available in 2 colours:

  • Red Cardinal
  • Blue Bluebird


  • Bird
  • Perch
  • 3 x 1.5V AAA Alkaline Batteries

Customer Reviews

1 customer reviews
Eugeria replied:
By Mei
A good and interactive pet companion for the residents and a fun chirping accessory for the walker!
November 7, 2022

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