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Our exclusive solutions : Tovertafel

Discover the Tovertafel

Recently launched in Canada, the Tovertafel is an innovation from the Netherlands that stimulates play in people with dementia. The console transforms any table into a Magic Table that features adaptive games for cognitive impairment and apathy.

The Tovertafel has shown positive impacts on residents' quality of life. By creating moments of happiness for people with cognitive impairment, it assists healthcare professionals and fosters play between generations.

Our exclusive solutions : Famileo

The family newspaper that brightens your loved one's day

The whole family can share anecdotes and pictures using a web or mobile application. Your loved one will receive a personalized newspaper with all these photos and souvenirs by mail or by the retirement home!

Famileo is ideal for bringing generations together, sparking interactions between residents and staff, and reducing social isolation. Famileo connects residents with their families by breaking down technological barriers.

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