Who Are We?

Valerie Larochelle

Valerie believes that we can improve the daily life for people with Alzheimer's. Her grandmother being affected by the disease, Valerie is constantly looking for practical solutions to rethink the quality of time spent with her during her visits.

Our CEO and co-founder is fascinated by new technologies that allow people to stay home safely a little longer. In her role, she has the chance to meet creative suppliers every day, these suppliers are continuously thinking about a better way to age, with more dignity and more autonomy.

With Eugeria, a tool will finally exist to support families and provide them with innovative solutions.

Before co-founding Eugeria, Valérie worked in consulting. Specializing in operations management, strategy and supply management, Valérie worked in the United States, China and Australia, where she lived for 4 years.

Marie-Anne Bazerghi

Marie-Anne studied finance and economics at HEC Montréal. She holds a Master in Finance from MIT Sloan School of Management and an MBA from the University of Oxford.

Marie-Anne worked for 7 years as a consultant and engagement management for the management consulting firm McKinsey & Company. She worked in the UK, France, Netherlands, Gabon, Jamaica, Canada and the USA. Her expertise sits at the intersection of strategy and operations, with a focus on large-scale transformations, new department creation and cost reduction programs.

In joining Eugeria, Marie-Anne hopes to transform the quality of life of aging Canadians.

Quoc Dinh Nguyen

Quoc is a geriatrician at the Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal (CHUM). He trained in Internal and Geriatric Medicine at the Université de Montréal and graduated from Harvard University with a Masters in Public Health. On the research side, Quoc is currently enrolled in a PhD program where he is looking to enhance care practices for older adults by studying the impact of frailty on this population.

As Eugeria’s medical and research expert, Quoc is convinced that Eugeria answers a critical need for older adults and their caregivers. Medicine does help us age better, but aging well hinges even more on the little things we do daily.

Between April and June, Dr. Nguyen worked full time as the president of the committee of experts that led the fight against COVID-19 in long term care facilities.

The Eugeria team is proud of the active role Dr. Nguyen plays in this fight for the health and safety of all Quebec seniors

Stephany Brown

Stephany believes that we can change the world with a new business model that is more responsible, socially involved and innovative. She learned about the challenges of aging through her family's care of her grandparents. "I felt a lot of empathy but didn't know how to help in a concrete way."

It was Eugeria's social mission and concrete solutions that appealed to her. "In Canada, the needs related to improving the quality of life of our seniors are pressing, it is a remarkable mission that Eugeria has.

With 20 years of professional experience in a variety of responsibilities in administration, sales, marketing, strategy, and customer experience, our Vice President of Sales and Marketing joins the team in 2021 with a commitment to raising the profile of the company across the country. She is known for her drive, innovation and communication skills.

Prior to joining Eugeria, Stephany served as Manager of Marketing, Strategy and Digital Transformation at Canada's largest mutual insurance company.

Lyonciny (Ly) Li

Prior to joining Eugeria, Ly was a physiotherapist that practiced in a private rehabilitation clinic. She worked occasionally with older adults suffering from cognitive impairments. She not only experienced firsthand the functional impact of cognitive loss, but also the anxiety lived by caregivers hoping to help a loved one. She truly sees the value in Eugeria to address the accessibility to proper information, services, and products on Alzheimer and cognitive impairments.

Following her years of practice as a healthcare professional, she completed an MBA program at HEC Montréal that provided her with more tools to impact society positively. At Eugeria, she is currently utilizing both her management skills and her healthcare knowledge to ensure that caregivers, people with Alzheimer's or a cognitive impairment, and other stakeholders are reached and optimally benefit from Eugeria.

Sarah Nouraly

Prior to joining the Eugeria team, Sarah completed a Master's degree in International Management at ESG UQAM.

She seeks to make an impact through her work, no matter how small.

She enjoys working in areas that promote sustainability, equality, access to technology and education and that have an environmental and social impact.

At Eugeria, Sarah is responsible for supporting clients with their needs by phone or email and is in charge of the process of adding new products as well as technology watch.

Nancy Mbatika

Nancy is our bubbly and enthusiastic content creator.

A best-selling author and reminiscence workshop facilitator, she thrives on the inspiring stories of the seniors she meets.

A graduate in social gerontology, she is passionate about everything related to aging well. Curious and concerned about helping seniors and caregivers, she is committed to transmitting relevant information through our articles and newsletter.

For questions or article suggestions, write to her here.

Raphaelle Domingue

Raphaelle studied psychology and industrial relations. She has a passion for the outdoors and is interested in the social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development.

She joined Eugeria to work with people who have at heart the mission to positively impact people's daily lives.

At Eugeria, Raphaelle is in charge of talent processes and coordinates the execution of special projects.

Jean-Yves Tremblay

Jean-Yves Tremblay recently retired from the Quebec network of health and social services. Jean-Yves was, until his retirement in 2016, director of multidisciplinary services and responsible for ethics and accreditation processes in the Centre de santé et de services sociaux (CSSS).

This department's main mandate was to provide consulting and support services to the clinical management teams by developing best practices, particularly for the care of people with a loss of autonomy related to aging and their families.

With the expertise and experience gained from 35 years of clinical practice and management, Jean-Yves is happily contributing to Eugeria as a mentor of the team.

Helene Leclaire

After a career in IT, Helene has been active in the community setting over the last few years. During this experience, she had the chance to work with a diverse clientele that includes older adults and she noticed the need for the latter to maintain social contact to prevent isolation. She also saw the caregivers in her surrounding feeling powerless when facing the increasing needs of their loved ones. In addition, Helene had completed studies in gerontology. It was only natural for Helene to join the Eugeria team.

Dominique Gautier

Dominique was immediately drawn to Eugeria’s social mission and values. Having herself had a grandmother who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease, she understands the pressing need for us to support not only our seniors, but also their families and caregivers in finding the solution to their challenges.

With over 15 years in customer service, operations and sales, mostly in the hospitality industry, Dominique shines through her eagerness to build genuine relationships with her clients and colleagues in order to understand and respond to their needs.

Dominique is originally from Montreal but has been living in British Columbia’s Interior for several years, where she is helping grow Eugeria to the rest of the country.

Joanne Pasquin

In 2017, Joanne's father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and she quickly became his primary caregiver.

In her quest for more knowledge and understanding, she obtained her Personal Support Worker (PSW) certification specializing in Alzheimer's disease in seniors in addition to a Caregiving Consultant certification.

Both intuitive and rational, Joanne brings excellent listening, interpersonal and communication skills to Eugeria's customer service. She was inspired to join the Eugeria team to make a positive impact and a real difference in the daily lives of seniors and caregivers.

Mary Soueidan

An occupational therapist in private practice since 2014, Mary works primarily with orthopedic clients. She wants to make a difference in the lives of seniors and their caregivers, so she joined the Eugeria team. As an occupational therapist, she believes strongly in the organization's mission and wants to promote Eugeria to improve the daily lives of seniors and their caregivers.

In her spare time, Mary enjoys photography, the outdoors, travel and shopping locally.

Dominique Gautier

Making a positive difference in the lives of the people she comes in contact with is what drives Christine the most.

Looking for a social contribution in her work and a responsible company, Christine immediately connected with the Eugeria team, its mission, and its values. She also believes that we all have the potential to develop the qualities and strengths to participate in the evolution of our organizations in an authentic way.

"I am impressed by Eugeria's potential for innovation and all the products and services to help seniors. It's also a company where people express themselves with empathy and love and that means a lot to me."

Prior to joining Eugeria, Christine had a particularly varied career path, including working as a change management consultant and pharmaceutical representative in both Europe and Quebec.

Our Solution for Memory Loss

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