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Eugeria presents a large array of resources to keep you well-informed on Alzheimer's and other related diseases as well as address your needs.

Products to ease and secure the daily lives of loved one with memory loss

Find vetted products for wandering, feeding, entertainment, respite, and many other needs for your loved one and yourself.

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Find relevant care services from reputable companies vetted by the Eugeria team for you and your loved one to find your way through Alzheimer's or a related disease.

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Shalene - N/A

The customer service from Eugeria was excellent! I needed a new cane right away and they responded to my messages very quickly and sent the cane as fast as they could. The Chatfield cane is also a great choice for functionality with a bit of style!


Carole - 62 years old

Every day, questions pop in my head on how I can improve my mother-in-law's well-being. Eugeria is where I can find the answers.


Bahia - 64 years old

I do not have the time to research and call each supplier of products and services. Eugeria centralizes everything for me and helps me figure out what's best to take action.


Nora - 67 years old

When my mother was in a critical transition, I had a lot of trouble finding the right solutions quickly. The Eugeria solution would have simplified my life, saved me time, and empowered me to better help my parents.

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