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We offer exclusive, vetted, and innovative solutions for residents and patients. We search, identify, and test the most promising innovations across the world. If they make the cut, we make them available for Canadians. We provide personalized support for your establishment. Do not hesitate to contact our team for your next project.

Meet with a Eugeria advisor

Our Team of advisors will help you with any specific need related to aging, solutions for people living with dementia, or any other question. We work with organizations, institutions, occupational therapists, social workers, and other professionals to identify the most appropriate options.

We also offer order and invoicing services tailored to the needs of public and private institutions or care homes.

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Our exclusive solutions : Tovertafel

Discover the Tovertafel

After five years of research and co-design, the Tovertafel console was created with and for residents with advanced cognitive impairment. Studies have shown its many benefits for those living with dementia, healthcare professionals, and family members. Find out more about this luminous innovation.

Our exclusive solutions: True Doors Decals

Transform your care home’s hallway into a warm and inviting place with True Doors Decals.

True Doors decals transform a facility's hallways to make residents feel at home! The custom-made door decals increase the sense of safety of individuals with cognitive impairment and make for a beautiful environment. Choose a door from the extensive True Doors collection or create a completely unique door from a photo!

Before and after the installation of a True Doors decal. Transform your facility with a True Doors project!
Our exclusive solutions : Famileo

The family newspaper that brightens your loved one's day

Famileo is adapted to bidirectional communication needs of retirement homes. Families can communicate with residents, while the residence staff can also use the app to communicate with families.

The Famileo journals are curated and designed automatically, and only require printing on Monday mornings. What we hear most from staff in retirement homes: "My residents love it, and I didn't think it would be so easy for me!"

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