The Idem Smart clock

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New product ! The Idem smart clock is now in stock and ready to ship!

A remotely programmable smart clock to support aging in place ! 

Use the companion mobile app (on your smartphone or tablet) to communicate and receive real time reading confirmations.

Two variants available: with 3G cellular connection (clock equipped with a 3G SIM card) or WIFI. The 3G version requires a monthly subscription at a cost of $9/month.

How does the clock help you?

This smart clock reduces your loved one's anxiety by improving his or her temporal orientation thanks to the customizable display which shows the date, time and moment of the day. This feature supports your loved one's autonomy and reduces their need to ask repetitive questions about the time or the current date.

This clock innovates by offering you several features that can be easily managed directly from a mobile app. From your smartphone (or tablet), you can send messages, set reminders and display notifications of upcoming events. Does your loved one have an upcoming appointment, is awaiting your visit or needs to take their medication at specific times? Notify your loved one with messages and reminders that can be displayed at the appropriate time!

Useful for:

  • Reducing your loved one's anxiety thanks to the adapted display (day, date, time of day as desired)
  • Reassuring your loved one by communicating regularly with them thanks to the messaging feature
  • Making mealtimes and medications simpler thanks to the reminders
  • Simplifying the preparation for appointments by displaying upcoming events
  • Reducing repetitive questions and conversations by posting "post-it" notes at the appropriate time
  • Receiving confirmations via the mobile app when your loved one confirms reading messages and reminders

Variants : 

The IDEM smart clock is available in 2 variants either with 3G mobile network connection or with WIFI connection. 

  •  The IDEM Cellular-3G clock with its $9/month subscription allows priority technical support with the team. Do you have any questions? The IDEM team, based in Quebec, provides support and develops appropriate solutions for your loved one. 

Refer to the comparison chart below to see the differences between the models.

    About this clock

    IDEM is a young Canadian company that is committed to developing innovative technology to support the well-being of seniors, their loved ones and health care workers. IDEM develops technological tools that are designed to be easily compatible and make a difference in the daily lives of seniors.

    Additional information on the IDEM web page.

    Characteristics Details
    • Available with a black frame
    • 4 types of communications: reminders, message, events and notes
    • Works with the 3G network or with a Wi-Fi connection
    • Monthly subscription required.
    • Very easy installation and configuration
    • Plugs into a power outlet and saves time during power outages
    • Automatically adjusts the time for daylight saving changes
    • Easy-to-read illuminated screen that changes in brightness depending on the time of day
    • Displays time, date, day of the week and moment of the day in large print
    • Customizable alarms and reminders (recurring or one-time)
    • Time display format: 12- or 24-hour or analog
    • Available in English and French

    Customer Reviews

    12 customer reviews
    Eugeria's Take

    A calendar clock with 4 customizable types of communication from a mobile app. The IDEM calendar clock innovates with reminders, messages, and event and note display functions. We are convinced of the positive contribution that this technological innovation can bring to people with dementia and their loved ones.


    Eugeria replied:
    By Annemarie
    My 82 year old mother really appreciates this modern day clock with its clean lines. The display (day, date, time, time of day) helps her keep track of time and can be read from a safe distance. The read aloud option is very appreciated! Easy to program and use. Thank you Eugeria for this beautiful creation! A small downside: - I would have liked to be able to program a reminder right into an event instead of having to create an extra reminder. The additional reminder offers more options though.
    Eugeria replied:
    (In French)
    January 23, 2023
    By Sylvie
    Excellent product, easy to install and use. This clock really helps my mom by allowing me to set reminders for her meals and appointments. It's really great
    Eugeria replied:
    (In French)
    January 19, 2023
    By Julie
    My mom loves her clock, she says it's like a friend!
    Eugeria replied:
    (In French)
    January 15, 2023
    By Roger
    Excellent service before the purchase to explain the features. After the purchase, I was contacted by IDEM to offer me a training session to prepare the tablet for my needs. Great customer experience!
    Eugeria replied:
    (In French)
    January 11, 2023
    By Ann
    The fact that you can also choose the sounds of the alarm is wonderful. It allows us to choose the best tone for the recipient, like my dad who has hearing aids and doesn't always wear them and when the TV is loud
    Eugeria replied:
    (In French)
    November 14, 2022

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