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Make it easier to communicate with your loved one

Many people still enjoy picking up the phone to chat with family or friends. However, your loved ones who have Alzheimer’s or a related disease can feel restricted by the small buttons or forgotten phone numbers. The Clarity P300 photo phone has customizable pictures, programmed phone numbers, and big buttons so that your loved one can easily call you or adjust the volume. Its simple and visual design allows your loved one to call you whenever they please and let them feel less isolated.

How can Clarity’s photo phone help you?

This picture phone for seniors allows you to communicate better with your loved one and to ensure you can reach them without worries.

  • It is compatible with hearing aids and makes calls clearer.
  • You can program up to 9 numbers/pictures on speed-dial so that your loved one can easily call family, doctor, or anyone else.

Useful for

  • People with hearing and/or vision loss
  • People living alone
  • Mild and moderate stages of the disease when phone use is limited

About Clarity

Clarity is an American company founded in 1969 specialized in sound amplifiers and communication devices. Clarity offers products that give older people the opportunity to live their daily lives and share moments with their families regardless of the hearing problems they have.

Characteristics Details
  • Audio: 
    • Amplifies sound up to 26 decibels
    • Button to adjust the volume of incoming calls
    • Suitable for hearing aids
  • Visual:
    • 9 buttons to save pictures/numbers
    • Large clear buttons
    • Light that flashes when the phone rings
  • How to get the bet sound?
    • Use the volume control and amplifier button to get a higher sound than usual.
  • Adjustable ringer and volume
  • Buttons for: hold, program, flash, and redial
  • White phone with black and white buttons

User Reviews

User Reviews
Eugeria's Take

Simple-to-use sums up the Clarity amplified photo phone. The 9 picture touches let family members configure several numbers as one-touch speed dial. For a person with memory loss, this makes staying in touch with their loved ones a lot easier. The simple design, with amplified volume and a large red indicator, ensures that incoming calls are noticed.


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Eugeria's reply:

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