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This Welcome floor marker makes your spaces feel like home while being completely safe: there is no risk of tripping with this decal. Plus, it's a great complement to True Doors decals to further personalize your residents' personal space.

This decal is a semi-permanent adhesive floor graphic, which means it can be removed without damaging floors, and is estimated to last approximately 10 months per application.

Characteristics Details

Not intended for carpet or tile floors.
Intended for flat surface floors only.

Size: 46 x 66 cm / 18 x 26 inches

Installation instructions:

  1. Thoroughly clean the floor surface, and make sure it is completely dry. We recommend wiping the surface area with rubbing alcohol or alcohol wipes. Make sure there is no residue and the surface is flat.
  2. Position your decal in the space you like it. If you are placing multiple decals you may want to measure and centre them in proximity to other decals. Most decals are placed in front of doors, in this case place them relatively close to the threshold of the door.
  3. With the backing on, tape the decal to the floor in the position you want it.
  4. Peel back a small section of the backing paper and cut it away using scissors.
  5. Adhere the section of the sticker with the removed backing to the floor. Use a squeegee or flat edge to remove any air pockets working from the centre out.
  6. Remove the tape holding the sticker in position, Flip the sticker over and peel away the remainder of the backing.
  7. Slowly roll the remaining exposed sticky edge onto the floor/surface using the squeegee to push out air bubble again, working from the middle out.

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