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An easy and useful solution to be more present in the life of your loved ones isolated by distance or technology!

Older family members often don't have the tech know-how to use social media and may miss important moments in their younger family members' lives. The Eugeria team is happy to take care of the remote installation of the frame if you would like to directly deliver it to your loved one. Call us at 1-855-554-3742 to learn more.

Familink is the simple solution to break that isolation: an easy-to-use, 3G-connected, digital photo frame. Pictures and text messages uploaded by your family will be shown to the family member that is not tech-savvy. The result is similar to a social media feed, but without the hassle of downloading an app or navigating a confusing menu.

Families can upload photos through the Familink app or by email or messenger, and instantly share special moments - from big events to daily routines - with their older family members.

How will Familink help your family?

  • Familink provides valuable interactions that can break social isolation and help support the well-being of older generations.
  • Through real-time and scheduled photo uploads, it facilitates consistent and meaningful communication between family members.

About Familink
The idea of Familink came to cofounder Alexis Le Goff when he had 2 young children and wanted to share pictures with his 2 grandmas who lived afar, but didn’t have an internet connection.

Characteristics Details
  • Easy installation and setup.
  • The Familink frame includes 3 months of 3G service. After 3 months since the first activation of the frame, the 3G service can be renewed for $9.90/month if no Wi-Fi connection is available. Send up to 10 pictures per day on the 3G service. With a Wi-Fi connection, send as many pictures as you wish for free.
  • An internal battery can keep an unplugged frame on for up to 3 hours.
  • Capacity of 10 000 pictures.
  • Dimensions: 20 cm x 14 cm x 4 cm. 7in screen (15 cm x 10 cm) with a 1024 x 600 resolution.


  • Can the Familink be used without an internet connection?
    Yes, Familink can work with the 3G service thanks to the SIM card inside. Therefore, it is possible to connect the frame to Wi-Fi.
    Familink can however be connected to Wi-Fi, in which case, the network connection must be private.
  • Is a subscription necessary?
    Yes and no, depending on whether you have Wi-Fi. Familink offers 3 months of subscription. Afterwards, you have 2 options: use your home Wi-Fi connection or subscribe to keep using the 3G service for $9.90/month (all taxes included, cancel anytime).
  • Is it possible to send videos?
    No, not yet.
  • Can several people share pictures onto the same frame?
    Of course! Familink was made for the whole family. When you buy the frame, you can invite your siblings, cousins, or friends to share pictures. You just have to fill their email address.

User Reviews

User Reviews
Eugeria's Take

Our CEO, Valerie, is completely sold on the Familink, but her grandma loves it even more since it lets her see her great-grand-daughter grow. Watch this short video to see our feedback. An instant favorite from the Eugeria team!

Watch why Valerie and her grandma love the Familink!


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