Accessible Art - Stained Glass Transoms coloring and light patterns, pack of 3

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An adapted coloring activity that stimulates creativity and promotes relaxation by brightening up any space that has a window.

This set of 3 stained glass transoms includes beautiful patterns adapted for adults: a leaf, a flower and an ornamental design. This therapeutic stained glass coloring activity is ideal for people with mild or moderate dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Once installed on a window, they illuminate the space instantly creating magnificent light patterns. This phenomenal sensory experience aims to engage, stimulate and relax minds.

Characteristics Details


  • 3 Stained Glass Transoms decals including a leaf, a flower and an ornamental design
  • 3 sets of 12 dry erase whiteboard markers
  • Please note that any dry erase markers can also be used.

Size: 35.5 x 71 cm / 14 x 28 inches
Weight: 100g / 0.22lbs

How to use your Stained Glass Transom:

  1. Select the window where you would like to place your artwork and give it a clean with your non-abrasive cleaning products.
  2. Select the transom and markers you wish to work with.
  3. Start coloring the shiny side of the transom from the centre of the transom out to the edges, turning the transom when needed to avoid rubbing off your artwork.
  4. Leave the outer border un-colored as you will use this section to mount your Stained Glass to the window.
  5. When you are ready to mount the Stained Glass, peel back the backing (non-shinny side), keep your fingers on the outer-border and place the artwork on the area that you cleaned in step 1.
  6. Removes easily when you wish to wipe away the dry erase and choose a different color pallet. Ensure you lay the transom on a clean surface so it can be reapplied to your window.
  7. Clean with non-harsh chemicals to maintain sanitation protocols.

Customer Reviews

Average rating of 3.0 out of 5 stars.
1 customer reviews
Eugeria's Take

We are delighted to add this peel-and-stick stained glass coloring activity to our catalog. These stained glass transoms can be easily peeled off, disinfected and recolored, leaving no damage or residue on windows. The brightness and colors of your spaces can be endlessly modified!


Average rating of 5 out of 5 stars.
Eugeria replied:
By Anonymous
Average rating of 3 out of 5 stars.
Pencils aren't really suitable for coloring on vinyl. Some colors don't cover well, and they fade easily.
Eugeria replied:
November 7, 2022

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