Fidget Sensory Pillow Cover for Alzheimer’s

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Exclusive collaboration with the Cercle des fermières du Québec

Reduce your loved one’s anxiety and fidgeting

People with cognitive impairment, such as Alzheimer’s disease, can feel restless and agitated. In more advanced stages of dementia, a loved one affected by the disease may feel better if they have something for their hands to play with. For many, stroking and handling different textures can be a soothing activity.

This cushion cover is specially designed for people with dementia. Each cover is unique because each is handmade by members from the Cercle des fermières du Québec.

How does this Sensory Pillow Cover help you?

  • It entertains your loved one and keeps their hands busy!
  • It can reduce restlessness and agitation associated with dementia

Useful for

  • A person with advanced cognitive impairment or dementia
  • A person with reduced sensitivity in their hands

About the Cercles des fermières du Québec

The Cercles de fermières du Québec are celebrating their 100th anniversary. They contribute to the improvement and wellbeing of women and their families through their actions and the charities they support. Preserving and transmitting cultural and artisanal heritage is also part of their core mission.

Characteristics Details
  • Dimensions : 16 x 16 po
  • Fermeture éclair
  • Boutons et perles
  • Tissus de différentes textures
  • Lacet à enfiler
  • Vous pouvez acheter cette housse avec coussin (pour 10$ supplémentaire) ou sans coussin (59.95$).

Vendu sans coussin. Peut différer légèrement de la photo.

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User Reviews
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