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Use a Manimo weighted animal to calm your loved one during stressful times

People with Alzheimer's may experience moments of anxiety or agitation. The Manimo Weighted toy is a calming sensory tool recommended by occupational therapists and psychoeducators. The Manimo offers a calming effect due to its weight and also helps to stimulate the senses of touch and smell.

How does the Manimo weighted animal help you?

The Manimo is a plush that produces a calming effect that also :

  • Provides comfort through the soothing effect of its weight (1 or 2 kg)
  • Allows tactile stimulation thanks to its ultra-soft velvet fabric and its interior composed of microbeads
  • Exercises fine motor skills by tying and untying the ribbon or scarf
  • Allows olfactory stimulation with the possibility of scenting the ribbon or scarf
  • Can be placed on various parts of the body (neck, shoulder, chest, legs) for 15 to 20 minutes

Useful for

  • Creating a moment of relaxation (with the soothing effect of its weight)
  • Helping to regain calm
  • Work on dexterity
  • Decrease anxiety and agitation
  • Mild to moderate stage

About FDMT

A Canadian company that develops tools to promote the well-being of children and adults. Created in 2002, FDMT offers resources, educational and fun games, innovative educational material and sensory tools for children and adults.

Characteristics Details
  • Fluff in the form of a cat or dog weighing 1 kg
  • .
  • Dimensions: 51 x 36 x 5 cm
  • Covered in velvet and suede
  • Embroidered face details
  • Free cat with fabric bow
  • Dog offered with a scarf
  • Microbead interior
  • Easy to take care of; hand wash with mild soap and water, dry flat
  • Possibility to add a protective cover
  • Do not microwave(microbeads inside)
  • Monitoring is recommended at all times
  • The weight of the manimo should not exceed 10-12% of the user's weight
  • The 2kg product is the standard, the 1kg product can be used for people with motor weaknesses or difficulties

User Reviews

User Reviews
Eugeria's Take

One of our team even mentioned that it reassured her in the same way as when her cat sits on her lap.

Elders who tested it also mentioned that the heavy plush felt good, noticing that they were more relaxed and calm.


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Eugeria's reply:

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