Manimo Sensory Stress ball

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Sensory stimulation to ease anxiety

It can be difficult to find simple, soothing solutions. Manimo stress balls offer a calming effect and also stimulate the sense of touch.

How do Manimo stress balls help?

Pleasant to handle, these tactile stress balls are highly resistant and durable. The ball :

  • Provides comfort thanks to the effect of the micro-beads inside
  • Provides tactile stimulation thanks to its ultra-soft velvet fabric and micro-bead interior
  • Encourages fine motor skills through manipulation
  • Provides olfactory stimulation with the option of scenting the ball

Useful for

  • Creating a moment of relaxation
  • Helping to restore calm
  • Work on dexterity
  • Reducing anxiety and agitation
  • Mild to moderate stage

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Average rating of 5 out of 5 stars.
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