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Use gardening tools for seniors to enjoy in safety and simplicity

Your loved one loves to spend time outside and garden but it is becoming increasingly difficult to handle traditional tools? These ergonomic gardening tools are designed to allow your loved one to continue enjoying their favorite activity.

How does the PETA Adaptive Tool help you?

  • The handle is designed in a way that  there is no extra strain or stress on the user's hand.
  • The tool is made to be non-slip and is made of a comfortable material to hold. The arm support cuff helps to keep the tool in hand and to use forearm strength. One of the 3 tools can be attached to the cuff to carry it with you at all times during the activity. This helps for example people with memory loss not to lose their tool.

Useful for

  • A senior who used to enjoy gardening but whose illness prevents him/her from continuing as before.
  • A senior with motor difficulties.
  • A senior with memory loss or mild cognitive impairment

About PETA

PETA (Practical, Ergonomic & Therapeutic Aids) is a second-generation family-owned company. It was established in the UK in 1975 by Lionel Crockett. He worked with occupational therapists to understand the needs of children and adults with physical disabilities. His first tool, a scissor adapted for children, was a success and led the company to offer a variety of adapted tools for children and adults (for the kitchen and garden in particular). Today, her daughter Genny continues the mission and develops the company.

Characteristics Details
  • Dimensions : 9 inches/ 22.8 cm long.
  • Poids : 5.6 onces / 160 gr
  • Color: Green and yellow.
  • Stainless steel and non-slip tool
  • For the arm cuff: Comfortable material on the inside (green part) and solid on the outside (yellow part)

Possibility of adding an arm support cuff:

  • The tool is versatile and can be used without or with additional assistance. Suitable for groups of gardeners with different needs or can be adapted if the user's strength deteriorates.

User Reviews

User Reviews
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